Staying at home

So nothing beats go in out and about and exploring new places but sadly even on sunny days sometimes we need to stay at home to catch up on the house work yippee! Plus mummy wasnt feelibg great this morning so just a chill morning before work. Washer is on and first laundry load is on the line.

Children are fed and water and it’s time to set up something they can do rather than destroy my house. Activity one on the animal rug (newly purchased yesterday as I could resisit). First we decided to have lots of different animals out to which the girl added a musical croc got to be realistic

Tbis went really well until those pesky cars got involved the boy and started driving and spinning all over the place and running over the animals.

Next we went outside cause it was such a nice day the boy played with a football and with his bike as usual. And I set up the tuff spot with more animals for the girl she will learn these names.

It was nicer but when I went to get my phone for the picture it got invaded and the children were stealing the rice krispies. They were suppose to be marshes for the animals to live in but hey at least they got eaten and didn’t end up all over the living room carpet.

We had a small visit to the neighbour as we have new ones next door and they seem to like each other planned a play date for tomorrow and had lunch .

The boy was very reluctant to go to nursery today. Just one of those days that he wants to be close and cuddle and have his comforts but sadly I have work so he has to leave as there no where else for him to go. We walked down the road and about half way to nursery we see a digger picking up flrubble at the road side so we stand and watch that for a while cheering the man o and telling him well done when he has finished. Ever so supportive of high way maintenance my two. Lol. Anyway further down the road we see another set of workmen and oh the path is closed but they have a digger too so let’s walk all the way round the digger I tell the boy while scooping the girl in preparation for a meltdown cause of this change. Any way no meltdown instead a question why are you not using the digger the boy shouts ….. would you like to go in replies the workman the boys face lights up. The workmen opens the door and helps him in small steps but he’s just let someone he doesn’t know touch him no fuss and away we go say on the digger seat driving. I’m the boss he says I’m driving to town to go digging. Best moment ever so much joy on his face I memory that will last me a lifetime as sadly I forgot my phone how annoying the one time I need it on the nursery run. So sorry no pictures however that random act of kindness made my day and the boys. He ran into nursery and ran round telling everyone he was in charge of the digger.

Thank you Sheffield workmen!


Kelham island museum

So today we decided to have a family morning but as usual it starts to rain when we plan something typical. Luckily we had some Groupon vouchers for kelham island museum so we decided to use these up.

It’s a nice little museum all relating to the steel industry it has lots of touch displays and even a children’s plays area which my two seemed to love especially since they were the only ones in it. It has a ball put and slide and a make your own soft play car and lots of walk interaction charts.


They kids loved running round and the boy managed to sort the cog puzzle all by himself and he really enjoyed spinning it. And in contrast to normal both children played together In the play area and the girl was happy without a parent around so is go ally creating her own interdependence.

We investigate the museum the children both loved the plane and the bomb that were on display even if they thought it was a rocket.

Then we went to the cafe we had sausage and bacon sandwiches they were delicious, we had our free coffee and tea that were included in the voucher and I had to share the googie chocolate brownie I picked with the boy but it was yummy and I didn’t mind as we did some great eating. He ate the sausages from there and had a cheese sandwich which is a win for us . #foodwin. The girl ate everything as usual and really enjoyed her bacon sandwich not even two yet and that girl has taste. ❀

Next we went up to the second floor to look at the cars, neither child wanted to look at the first floor as it’s just not as fun as stairs πŸ™ˆ but we did good we almost managed to follow the rules of staying behind the rope till the boy opened it and his sister crept through.

Next me and the children went into an Anderson shelter as a bomb was coming poor daddy didn’t make it in time then the boy left and tired to lock us in there. Help!!!! Upside the girl didn’t cry even though it was dark now that’s what I call progress. Whilst upstairs we looked at the memorials and tried to explain them to the boy. He calls them rememborial πŸ€” as they are to remember soldiers from the war. But he gets the jist of it and treats them with respect which is what is expected. Not all people do and he calls them naughty everything is very black and white and he’s not afraid to comment.

Finally we looked at Sheffield street from the 1919 and looked at the old washing methods what shops they had and bikes etc. They was some good poster up to have a chuckle at. And the boy seemed to enjoy doing the washing old school maybe we should invest and he will keep on top of it for me. They both enjoyed shutting people out of “our” house. And t all honesty it wouldn’t be a family visit without daddy having a photo on the toilet and the children investigating a toilet no idea what the obsession is with our family.

Overall a nice morning out however we had to leave early as lots of school children came and it got a bit overwhelming for the boy. The joys of autism ending a visit early but never mind we weren’t staying too much longer as he has nursery this afternoon.

Mummy daughter day

So Today as usual it was mother daughter day and as ever to procrastinate we went on a trip out also got fuel for the car so wasn’t all play.

Today we visited Magna science adventure a little gem and another favourite as you pay once and get an annual pass so can do lots of little trips. So basically magna is an old steel factory turned into a tourist attraction. You can still see all the factory parts and visit different key sections of science earth fire water and air plus it has some amazing playgrounds and a water splash area.


So this section relates to getting the rocks it shows explosions and has interactive wheelbarrow so you can collect rocks and take them around the quarry. It also has diggers so you can practice collecting pellets my skills leave a lot to be desired here in all honesty. But the girl loves push8ng the narrows and has stolen a rock for the whole visit now. There’s other play activities but she’s a bit young to do these properly and just see them as spinners.


The air section is not really a favourite of either of mine. It’s too noisy for the boy it’s got fans blowing and whistling, today I took the girl up she you first enter you get to make clouds which she loved. Then you walk through and there are fans simulating the wind at different games, a suspension bridge which all the children seem to enjoy and some bottles and pipes to make music there’s also lots of information about clouds etc. But Sophia wasn’t really interested in that.


This area is a bit with both my children when you walk in there is fire projected and you have to pass through the screens to get to the room. This room discusses convention, making moulds of steel, recycling cans and heat. It also has a fire tornado that I think everyone is fascinated by but it does have a ten minute cool down period.


We always get very wet in this area it discusses at first pollution in the seas you can weigh yourself and see it in water and there a ball machines that blows them in the air not sure about that. My favourite bit is the entrance you walk through and there are fall’s of water down and you can also get rained on by a cloud it shows the life cycle of water. There are lots of pullies for moving water and testing which method is best, water gun to spray signs with and a wave maker plus lots of tanks for the children to play I with boats etc. Sorry no pictures I like my phone too much.

Finally the best bit the playground sadly because of the lovely weather we didn’t get to play long 😣but it huge area and even has a aqua trek which opens in may. There’s lots of different sections so plenty to do for all children and all ages so pleases both mine and in summer there’s a snack shop and a toilet there which are always open.

Only downside is it closes at two some days but always check the page well worth a visit if your in the area.

Fast and furious show -Family Time

So as part of a military family we get to take advantage of tickets for troops and this time we saw tickets for fast and furious in Sheffield woo the boy is so excited to see it and we get to go as a family of four so hopefully it will be entertaining enough for the girl to sit through obviously with sweeties and ear defenders as we need them.

So we decide to make a day of it we thoughtwewould start by hangout for breakfast well as its Sunday and my greml8ns are u a 6am second breakfast. So we visited Ikea cheap and cheerful. Thought it might be nice to put the boy in the creche however we gave up on that after we waited for 15 minutes to be toldhecould go in got him and then got told to queue again by the manager of the creche how rubbish and talk about playing with someone’s feelings. All that waiting and I could feel James getting more and more stressed so we gave up I the end and I took the hit of a sulk rather than a full blown meltdown. After all this waiting and faffing about we ended up missing out on breakfast mix to the girls dismay as she loves her egg and beans 😭. And poor mummy got no bacon this weekend πŸ˜­πŸ˜“ don’t panic though I survived on caffeine.

Anyway we bought a new unit somehow from Ikea that we didn’t really need but it was in bargain corner then onto the show. Well so we thought however the unit was put on wheel which resulted in it not fitting in the car without putting the seats down hard when your a family of four. With only half hour before the show we split and mummy did a short buggy run to the arena. Gosh I’m so unfit need to revisit the gym.

Anyway no more distractions the show was good better than I thought to be honest definitely worth a watch so many amazing moves. Lost the plot of the show as was watching the girl how after napping through the first half seemed to have a burst of energy.

Such a small space and yet the cars where brilliant at manoovering such good stunt drivers. There was one crash (on purpose) and the boy was commenting it’s broken. He was so involved and loving it.

Really good effect to with the light on the cars have no idea how they did it. It was great the even had audience participation with holding up a card blue on side and red the other to vote for things. James seemed to enjoy doing this, you also simulated driving with it but he didn’t get this.

We even got to see a man jump over a moving car it was very impressive. This really impressed the boy

Any finally we saw some flying cars which was super cool as it was copying the part in the movie they fall put of the plane.

All in all this was a brilliant day out both the children loved it and watched the show most of the way through go a little antsy at the end but did super well and seemed to enjoy it. (Well Sophia napped through most of it). Afterward we went for a mcdonalds to treat the children no surprise we didn’t win and prizes on the monopoly game but we all did some super eating too and hardly any mess.

One of our best family days ever can feel that we are turning a corner and are starting to be able to cope better in the real world. πŸŽ‰

Coming home

So to make a trip worthwhile you always have to make several stops to ensure you make the most of your time. Today we decided that while daddy cleaned the welfare quarter we would play in the park. It was a lovely little park perfect for the babies easy to use equipment. Even though we still managed to have a tumble off the roundabout πŸ™ˆπŸ™Šjust one more scrap. Lots of swing for the children to play on.

So after a few hours driving we decided to stop at Calke Abbey another national trust place. It’s lovely there nice views lots of picnic tables and areas to eat lots of open space and an ideal play park for my two it has a older more challenging bit and a smaller section for the girl to feel adventurous. It even has a roundabout that spins pretty quick and when the children get off it’s like a preview of them walking in the future drunk πŸ˜….

We love Calke there’s so much to explore and we still haven’t explored it all not even made it down to the house (too many hours in the play park) yet but the boy enjoys looking in the stables at all the old stuff.

It’s always a winning destination with my children when there are gravel paths and walls and we always take plenty back home with us. It has been such a lovely trip and the boy went in the shop and bought some stones for himself and a cute little bag for the girl to play with and out her stones in a little leather bag with the national trust logo and the place wrote on it. The boy has been so loving to his sister this weekend giving her kisses better when she fall requesting her to sit next to him they are becoming so close. I love it.

Weekend away

So we decided to have a family trip out down to the sunny South. It’s for a birthday party too and to visit some friends. Anyhow lucky us driving down on an evening we hit football traffic followed by more traffic cause of roadworks cause you have to slow right down for those stationary vehicles on the side of the road, the finally hit the South to drive through lightening storm. Gosh it looked pretty shame the girl was scared by it and too make it worse there was nothing we could do as we were travelling.

Well my great plan of travelling on a evening so the children would be asleep was a bit of a fail the boy stayed up the whole way, but he was so good he was well behaved in maccy d’s even when others were being naughty; he even ate a whole happy meal this boy ate chips finally for the first times even dipped in sauce. #mummywin, we were so surprised we weren’t sure whether to make a big deal of it or just to act normal. Good job that the happy meal comes with a toy for a reward although think James would have much preferred chocolate milkshake to be honest. Plus he didn’t have any accidents in the car despite it being so warm and drinking so much.

So we are staying in a military welfare house for the nights and actually it ain’t too bad plus I prefer it to a hotel as it means the children have a room each. The boy was a little unsettled so we had a tour of the house showing were everyone would be and thankfully we had the koala that could book to provide with the thoughts of new is good. And he settled straight down to sleep as did the girl, sadly she is back in a cot tonight as the bed was a bit high and we haven’t mastered not rolling out yet so safety first. But we have everything we need here even a pile of books, dvd s, and toys so plenty for the children to do.

So new day and luckily the sun is back as I haven’t packed wet weather gear the children slept well and look refreshed and so have we no tired angry’s in this house any more plus the children have discovered the toys and seem to be enjoying playing with them and making a mess as usual. So today we have a birthday party which is normally an issue for the it as he doesn’t really like the game and just likes to do his own thing but we will see how it goes with it being his best friend maybe he will be more social.

So we arrived at the party needing the toilet good learn when you first arrive. We look around and we are the first guests to arrive so we can help setup and James is able to get used to his surroundings before everyone comes. We have a look around and explore. There is a room with a vets, a supermarket and castle with a slide etc. It’s small enough that the children can interact with each other good practice for us yet still has space. The children were really good playing a bit pushy when I came to turn taking and waiting but overall they loved it.

Both my two even sat down to play pass the parcel granted they both abandoned me and I looked like an adult that wanted to win a prize passing alone πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ίbut it was all good fun. The cake was amazong and it had real trains on which we somehow managed not to touch.

At the end the lady even asked for your favourite colour for a balloon and James responded with black (to be like batman still in that phase) which surprising she didn’t have but he settled for blue. Sadly the balloon popped outside opppsss πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰ and we just took in in pur stride winner. But the party warehouse was nice little place to visit.

To make a day of it we then went to a play area in a pub so mummy and daddy could have lunch as parent never get fed at parties unless you sneak food from the children but with my two there’s no chance of that without a scene. Can’t sneak off the girl she eats it all and the boy is so wasteful you can’t have it but he doesn’t want it but hey that’s part of his quirks. We went to the Abbey Mead pub and took a McDonalds the children much to the dislike of one of the girls. Personally I don’t have a problem we were ordering adult meals and drinks so in my I shouldn’t have to waste money on a children’s meal that my son won’t eat as he’s has issues with food. 😿 Anyway drama over! dad snuck the food under the table lol.

So we played in the play area and nicely relaxed with friends it was so nice 😁 a lovely relax and adult chat, the girl even managed the big play area steps and slide only fell twice (once just stepped on the frame try to move around some children) but a new war wound means a new adventure in life. I know people will will read this and think bad mummy but it’s a learning opportunity for her as well. Both the children and parents have had a lovely day with great friends makes it all worth while.


Tuff spot fun

Love my tuff spot it’s brilliant for messy activity and helping to keep the house clean. For those that don’t know a tuff spot or cement mixing spot is a giant plastic tray that can hold liquids and mess and it’s very easily just washed clean with water or baby wipes (my fave cleaning tool).

So today we thought we would try a new activity. For this we needs the tuff spot, paper,water and chalk.

Firstly we decided to chalk different pictures on the tuff spot and get lots of chalk onto the spot so there is lots of chalk and colours. This the boy seemed to enjoy and he even told me what he was drawing and drew around his feet not the most accurate pictures but at least we have tried.

We next poured water on the chalk and spot to make a weird sort of oily effect it was a bit strange the boy loved dipping his hands in it and mixing it into a brown mess but we also managed to pop some papers into the spot to get the colours on them. (Well that’s what was suppose to happen). Sadly we used too much water so this didn’t really work out these things rarely do for us; however we did have fun which is important.

Afterwards we cleaned the spot and then we used some water and bubbles for a bit more garden play. This then turned into splashing brother and sister games with lots of giggling and laughing and mummy tried to cut the lawn, while watching got to get the jobs done while you can.